There are now quite a few different options when it comes to riding shoes, but the Ride Concepts Powerline is the favorite of more than a few Trials riders (myself included). When you’re looking for the “perfect” Trials shoe, there are a few different elements. I believe these shoes hit all the marks, but they are far from the only pair that does so. I’ve tried many shoes for trials and this is the only pair that I’ve repeat-ordered (three times). If you want to get your own pair - and support Super Rider - click the button below.

The sole:

The hardest part to nail on a proper Trials shoe. If the sole is too thin or flimsy, you lose power when pushing on the pedals. If it’s too hard or thick, it feels like you’re standing on concrete and you lose the feeling of your pedals. These soles are “just right” and provide solid grip that holds up to years of battery.

Ankle protection:

I’m not a big fan of full high-top shoes, but these shoes have an asymmetric pattern to cover the ankle. As a Trials rider, you’ll eventually bash your ankles on the cranks and bottom bracket, so this elevated ankle protection is key.


I like the low profile look of these shoes. I could wear them anywhere and it wouldn’t be obvious that I was wearing bike gear. There’s a little color on this one (they do make these in wild colors if that’s your thing), but ultimately they’re just well-built shoes that you could wear anywhere.

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