Where Do I Meet Other Riders?

The hardest part about participating in a sport as rare as trials is finding riders to connect with. You’re lucky if there is one other rider in your town, and even luckier if your schedules line up to ride on a regular basis! Thankfully the internet exists, and we’ve found some ways to solve that issue.

Following riders on Instagram is a great way to keep tabs on the sport, but the majority of what you see there is their best riding, with no real dialogue. That’s why we stared the global TRIALS DISCORD. It’s a place where anyone can go and not only connect with other riders, but ask questions about technique, gear, mechanical stuff and plenty more. 

The vibe of the Trials Discord is super helpful, with lots of beginner and intermediate riders supporting each other in their riding development. There are also more than a few advanced riders on the Discord to help guide the conversations and provide context when needed. 

If you’re not already in the Discord, here’s your invitation to join us: