This Bike Surprised Me! (Inspired Arcade - First Ride)

Finally got a weather window to test out my new @inspiredbicycles Arcade (24" street trials bike) for the Steel Bike Showdown! Although it was cold, we made the best of the Portland Waterfront for a session - even uncovering some new spots along the way! I will definitely be back..

Thank you also to Trials Superstore for providing the bike, which will be featured in our Steel Bike Shootout. If you want to get this bike from them, click this link:

0:00 - Portland Waterfront
0:47 - Dogtown
0:57 - Back On Track
1:30 - Pressure Test
1:55 - New Spot!
2:50 - HOW TO: Bunnyhop Manual
4:23 - More Riding
4:56 - First Ride Thoughts
5:25 - Steel Bike Showdown

I referenced the Deity High Side handlebar in this video, here's a link to the bar if you want to get one for yourself (and support this channel through an affiliate link):

Super Rider Merch:

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My bike setup:
Hayes Dominion Brakes:
Deity High Side Bar:
Maxxis Ikon Tires:
Deity Grips:
Deity Deftrap Pedals:

Riding Gear:
Helmet - Giro Source MIPS:
Gloves - Fox Dirtpaw:
Knee Pads - Fox D30:
Shoes - Ride Concepts Livewire:

Super Rider Merch:
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