The World Champion's Bike

I had to know! After 15 years of riding the same competition bike, I was overdue for an upgrade. Enter the Crewkerz Jealousy Ultimate. A 26" competition trials bike with the most dialed setup imaginable. Jack Carthy and plenty of other world-class riders have had input on this bike, and it is probably the closest to perfection you can currently get for a competition bike. In fact, I'm not sure if Jack changes anything on this bike - I think it's pretty much the exact same spec on his own bike. Kind of incredible that a bike like this is ready to rip, right out of the box!

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My bike setup:
Hayes Dominion Brakes:
Deity High Side Bar:
Maxxis Ikon Tires:
Deity Grips:
Deity Deftrap Pedals:

Riding Gear:
Helmet - Giro Source MIPS:
Gloves - Fox Dirtpaw:
Knee Pads - Fox D30:
Shoes - Ride Concepts Livewire:
Super Rider Merch:
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