The Super Rider Challenge!

Introducing the Super Rider 30-Day Bike Skills Challenge! One month of riding, with mountain bike skills and challenges every single day, to make you a better rider. We are going to slowly build up foundational skills to get you more control and confidence on the bike. Each day you'll get a new drill to practice, and by the end, you'll be on a whole new level! These bike drills and skills can be done on ANY bike.

I'm demonstrating most of them on a dirt jumper because it's the most basic mountain bike setup anyone can ride - but you'll see clips in each video of me demonstrating the same skills on an e-bike, full suspension and hardtail as well. I hope you join the challenge and enjoy the ride with us.

Each challenge has been specially chosen to help build up your riding slowly, safely and surely over the course of the month. Put in the time now and you'll see what I mean when we get to the more advanced skills later in the month.