The SAFEST Way To Learn MTB Drops

What if you could learn to drop off ledges on your mountain bike in a safe and completely risk-free way? In this video, you'll learn a flat ground skill (and drill) to practice that will build up your confidence and control for the drop technique. We also go into various other ways to practice the skill, using curbs and curb cuts to practice the wheelbase-length movement. The biggest mistake most riders make when they do drops is that they try to add in a bunnyhop motion, which often throws riders off balance. The technique we're going to learn in this video will keep you balanced and in total control of the bike throughout the drop.

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My bike setup:
Marin Rift Zone 2:
Continental Kryptotal 2.4 (Front and Rear) Tires:
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Hayes Dominion Brakes: (Use AARONRIDESHAYES15 for a 15% discount)