My FIRST Steel Bike! TMS Silex V4 (24" Street Trials Bike)

I got my hands on a  @TMS Bikevision  Silex V4 24" Street Trials bike - the first of three bikes in our upcoming Steel Bike Showdown! I've been anxiously awaiting this bike, as it's one of the few bike brands that I haven't ridden yet. The TMS Silex did not disappoint - the frame was so clean, the TMS components were dialed, and the geometry was spot on for street riding. I had time for a quick spin on the bike, but I'll be taking it out very soon for a proper "first ride" as part of the Steel Bike Showdown series.

The one thing that definitely stands out after that quick ride is how focused the geometry is around the "street" side of street trials - I'll have to find a bunch of bunnyhop and manual lines...and maybe even a skatepark to truly put this bike to the test.

A big thank you to Trials Superstore for supplying this bike to test (and the other bikes in the Steel Bike Showdown). If you want to check out this particular bike, here's a link - we'll be sending it back to them after this test wraps up:

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