Life Changing Bike Updates!

I upgraded the handlebars, brakes and stem on my competition trials bike and it completely changed everything about the way this bike rides. In this video, we swap everything out and then go into detail about how to bleed Magura rim brakes and how to grind rims. After getting the bike completely dialed in, I take it for the first test ride! I'll be honest and say that the updates threw me for a loop - I expected to immediately ride the new setup and feel major improvements. I struggled at first, so much was different with my body positioning on the new bike. It wasn't until I started practicing with my sidehop bar that things started to feel comfortable and my confidence returned. Wild to throw down a 39" sidehop over a bar - the best height I'd cleared on the bike with it's other handlebar setups - all within the first hour of riding. I'll count that as a good sign!

I mentioned the new brake levers from my friend Alex in the previous video - here's a link to his IG if you want to get your own pair. Just drop him a DM:

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