How To Hop Your Mountain Bike

Learn how to hop your mountain bike! This video breaks down all the elements that go into getting your bike off the ground. Slightly different from a traditional bunnyhop, this skill will help you gain confidence and allow you to readjust or reset on your bike, especially when you are riding challenging trails. We break down the skill into three parts, and it is followed by a handful of drills that you can practice to lock in this new ability!

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0:00 - Intro
0:40 - Three Parts
0:55 - Suspension
1:40 - The Most Important Element
2:55 - Front Wheel Lift
3:33 - Back Wheel Lift
4:02 - Rocking
5:29 - Fast Way
6:29 - The Hop
8:07 - One Quick Thing
8:40 - Practice Drills

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