How To Bunnyhop Up (Full Tutorial!)

Learn how to bunnyhop up onto obstacles in this video! Every other bunnyhop "how to" video I've seen has talked a lot about the basic technique and how to do it over a bunnyhop bar - so for my video, I wanted to share how I bunnyhop up and onto obstacles. In this video, I break down the basic technique into three separate parts - the lift, the pop and the flatten. We start by learning it all on flat ground, and then we'll apply our techniques (and confidence) to obstacles of increasing height. The bunnyhop has all sorts of little nuances to it, and those tweaks can make a massive impact to your riding. I tried to capture as many as possible to include in this video - there should be something for everyone!

0:00 - We're Doing It!
0:49 - Bike Setup
2:24 - Technique Basics
2:45 - Phase One
4:00 - Phase Two
5:12 - Phase Three
6:33 - Going Up
11:33 - My Best Tip
12:27 - Reminders

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