Day 1: Skills Challenge

Day 1 of the Super Rider 30 Day Skills Challenge: Ride slow to a stop, using your body to balance out the mountain bike. The slower you go, the more effort you need to put into your knees and elbows to get the bike to stay upright.

This drill is effective because it builds your slow-speed confidence, but also shows you how much your body can influence and compensate your balance on the bike. It's also a great drill because you are in 100% control of the process, you can slow down as much (or little) as you ease into it. We're going to be using our body movement A LOT during the course of the thirty days, so while this might seem easy, we're putting down a solid foundation to build upon.

We used this same technique to get comfortable for trackstands, check out that video here:

If you want to see more in-depth MTB skills tutorials, check out this playlist: