30 Ways To Become A Better MTBer

The hardest part about improving as a mountain biker is safely learning skills in the right order. If you learn them in order, each skill will help you with the next one - as most advanced techniques are just combinations of easier skills. We just released a 30-Day Skills Challenge on the channel, and each challenge was designed exactly to help you learn new skills quickly and safely. Instead of making you hunt down all 30 videos, I pulled everything together in this one, so you can bookmark it and come back every day. Way easier!

I've also put chapter markers in for each day, which should also help you navigate the video easier. If you want to dive into any of these skills even more, I recommend this video, which is a roll-up of the top 12 most common mountain bike techniques. We go WAY deeper into technique in this video, and it should help you get what you need: https://youtu.be/5JQTUGzwwrg

I used a dirt jump bike for most of the skills in this video, because it's a stripped down version of a mountain bike and makes for a great "practice" bike...but you can use ANY mountain bike to practice the drills in this video.

** We had a little glitch with day 11 in this edit - here's a direct link to that individual challenge video: https://youtu.be/J4nKthMpOjM