Nate Hoff's 2009 Meta VTT

Meta released the VTT around the time I took a break from riding trials in 2009 due to injuries. I was always a big fan of the looks and geometry of this bike. It features a +40mm bottom bracket, which I find to be a great balance between the old stock bikes I grew up riding, and today’s pogo stick-like comp bikes. I miraculously found this bike at a consignment shop in Boise, Idaho for a steal. All of the critical components have been up upgraded, and it doesn’t have a single scratch. The only change it needs is a rim grind to maximize braking performance.


Gone are the original cranks, and in their place is a set of MOE 170mm front freewheel cranks. The best part is the upgraded White Industries trials freewheel with 72 points of engagement.

Trialtech Fork

The Trialtech fork is much lighter and stronger than the original fork, though I wish it had disc tabs.


The bike came stock with an Avid BB7 front disc but has been upgraded to HS33 brakes front and rear. The Coustellier pads are the perfect compound but need a rim grind to achieve their full potential. In the future, I hope to switch out for a Hayes Dominion front disc.